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Yuko Jones was born and raised in Japan, and spent much of her childhood drawing and painting. After completing her degrees in English, Psychology, and Human Development, she embarked on her career in early childhood developmental research. While working with children, she realized how picture books can play a crucial role in their development, and she wanted to become part of the positive impact. 

Yuko believes everyone has special abilities to make this world a better place, and she hopes her work will inspire children to embrace their unique gifts. 

When she is not illustrating, you will find her testing (and tasting) new baking recipes, savoring short stories and coffee, and practicing yoga. Yuko lives in Western NY with her husband, two sons, a black cat, and two guinea pigs.

Niki Nakayama: A Chef's Tale in 13 Bites (FSG 2021) is her debut illustrated picture book.

Member of SCBWI and RACWI

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